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Date of updating: 17.12.2010
"...the steel engineering,
in the first turn the welded steel constructions,
will have a very promising prospects in the future".
     Academician Boris Paton, the President of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

The Institute as a basic organization of Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine coordinates the scientific and technical activity in the field of metal engineering. According to results of State Certification of Research organizations it is referred to group "A" organizations, which may determine and influence on Governmental scientific and technical policy.
The main trends in scientific and engineering activities are:
execution of research and design activities in the fields of power engineering, railway and automobile transport industry, aviation and space exploration, telecommunication systems, television and broadcasting technology, metallurgy, ship-building, food industry, building industry, building industry, public-purpose facilities;
investigation and technical conditions assessment of the existing metalwork for the whole range of industrial, civil and public buildings and structures, hoisting devices, elaboration of methods for technical solutions and designs with their reinforcing and reconstruction;
development, fabrication erection and experimental research of new advanced types of metalwork;
fabrication and erection of building and enclosing structures;
elaboration of methods and computational algorithms for metalwork with the Institute's team creation of computer-aided design systems on their basis;
realization of programs for bringing under control the consequences of accident at Chernobyl NPP and transformation of this facility into environmentally safe system within the frames of International project SIP (Shelter Implementation Plan);
creation of regulatory basis in metal engineering in Ukraine at interstate level too, incorporating the area of reliability and safety assurance of buildings, structures and engineering systems in operation, calculation and design of steel constructions, determination of loads and effects.

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